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Spleen LF

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90 Vegetable Capsules
NZ lyophilized glandulars and ethno botanicals may support healthy spleen immune causal chain function
For usage instructions, please contact your health practitioner.
Casual Chain Ingredients: Spleen (bovine) (Lyophilized glandular tissue) 250 mg, Thymus (bovine) (Lyophilized glandular tissue) 25 mg, Lymph Gland (bovine) (Lyophilized glandular tissue) 25 mg, Bone Marrow (bovine) (Lyophilized glandular tissue) 25 mg, Andrographis paniculata extract (aerial) 10:1 (1000 mg) 75 mg, Astragalus memberanaceus extract (root) 5:1 (500 mg) 200 mg, Gynostemma extract (leaf) 10:1 (1000 mg) 25 mg (Jiao Gu Lan) 98% gypenosides Rhodiola Rosea (root) 4:1 (1000mg) 25 mg (Standardized 3% Salidrosides,1% rosavins), Zinc Bisglycinate 12.5 mg, Proprietary Immortal Mushroom Extract 100 mg Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa), Agaricus blazei (Himematsutake), Reishi mushroom extract (Ganoderma lucidum)

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