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100 capsules
Consult your healthcare professional and only take as advised.
PARALLEVIARE® was formulated to assist the body in efficiently guarding against parasitic and worm infestation.* Research has shown that herbs such as Black Walnut (green hull), Usnea, and Pau d’Arco may aid the body in ridding itself of parasites, worms, and other organisms.* Traditional medicine has shown that Pumpkin seeds may also be useful in expelling parasites.* Studies have shown Pau d’Arco, Blessed Thistle, Horsetail, and Red Clover may support the terrain in the intestinal tract by offering various constituents that aid the body in reducing inflammation and encourage detoxification.* Traditional use and research reveals that Bayberry, Eucalyptus, Goldenseal, Uva Ursi and Feverfew may offer similar benefits, as well as supporting the body’s natural ability to repair damage resulting from overgrowth of multiple foreign organisms.*

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