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Oxy-Mag is Advanced Oxygen Technology made according to a formula developed by the German Dr. Blass which was sold as a powder known as "Homozon" for decades to oxygenate the system, detoxify tissues and liver, clean and improve bowel functions, and generally rejuvenate health.

If you have taken the Homozon powder before you will really appreciate getting the formula in capsules! The OXY-MAG capsules have the same content as Homozon and are made in a fully approved lab and have a very high oxygen concentration release potential and are designed to be used with hydrochloric acid. Each Capsule containes Super-Oxygenated Magnesium in the form of magnesium ozonite and the oxygen that is released can be measured with peroxide test strips. Another benefit is OXY-MAG doesn't create hydroxyl radicals in the body destroying cells like ingesting hydrogen peroxide and provides the best source of free radical scavengers for antioxidant maintenance and high oxygen levels.

The oxygen released will break down fecal matter to a very soft to liquid state depending on how much and how often you take OXY-MAG. There are no cramps as there are with laxative herbs.
Take Oxy-Mag apart from meals, if possible. We recommend first thing in the morning or one hour before bed. Some people may experience queasiness or nausea at first, due to their system being so deprived of oxygen. Try eating a few crackers to settle your stomach in this situation. You should also reduce the amount of Oxy-Mag capsules you take, and slowly work up to let your body acclimate.

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