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Neu-Regen is a restorative tonic, not a stimulant. The herbal ingredients in Neu-Regen nourish the nervous system and assist the body's regenerative powers. Few remedies function as restoratives rather than stimulants. Neu-Regen is a rare impeccable example of this class of herbal/homeopathic tonics at its best. For support of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion, including psychological conditions such as fear of failure, depression, irritability, memory loss and sleeplessness. This restorative tonic also promotes proper organ function and helps energetically balance the body through gentle regulation.
Contact your healthcare professional for directions for use.
Generally not combined with Supren. Supren regulates the adrenals when the patient experiences both highs and lows of cortisol production, which is the resistance phase of Selye’s general adaptive syndrome. Neu-Regen is by contrast for adrenal exhaustion.
Spagyric and/or homeopathic preparations of: Argenticum nitricum 6X Cinchona pubescens 4X Conium maculatum 4X Delphinium staphysagria 6X Nux vomica 4X Piper methysticum 8X Avena sativa MT Panax ginseng MT In a base of vinum liquorosum.

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