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COGNEASE® Cognitive Support Formula

COGNEASE® was formulated specifically for children who have developmental issues but may be used by adults as well.* Studies have shown Red Clover, Oregon Grape, and Sarsaparilla may be of assistance in reducing inflammation and eliminating microorganisms.* Further research reveals Sarsaparilla may also be beneficial in enhancing the body’s ability to guard against microorganisms.* COGNEASE® is well-rounded in nutrition and umbrella-like in nature.* This synergistic formula may support healthy cellular and immune function.


Oregon Grape (Root) (Berberis aquifolium) †

Bilberry (Berry) (Vaccinium myrtillus) †

Buckthorn (Bark) (Rhamnus frangule) †

Sarsaparilla (Root) (Smilax medica) †

Stillingia (Root) (Stillingia sylvatica) †

Red Clover (Leaf & Bud) (Trifolium pratense) †

Fresh Lobelia (Leaf) (Lobelia inflata) †

Other Ingredients: Kosher vegetable glycerin (50% by volume), Filtered water


Start with one drop two times a day. This will vary depending on the age and severity of cognitive issues. As with other extracts, you may need to start very slowly, such as one drop, one time a day, and increase over a period of weeks.

Adults: Can be gradually increased to 12–15 drops, two times a day over 3–5 months.

Children under 3: Start with one drop, one time a day. Gradually add one drop per week as tolerated. Generally, the dose does not exceed 3-5 drops two times a day.

Children ages 3–5: Start with one drop, one time a day. Increase gradually, adding one drop per week, 1–2 times a day as tolerated, until desired results are achieved. Generally, it is not necessary to exceed 4–6 drops two times a day.

Children ages 6–9: Start with one drop, one time a day for three weeks. Then, gradually add one drop per week, two times a day. Generally, it is not necessary to exceed 6-8 drops two times a day.

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