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Clear Mind (DMSO Nasal Spray)

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U.S. Patent Pending

For overall health and immune support

Clear Mind Nasal Spray by Dr. Eckel helps get rid of brain fog, may increase your energy, clear your voice and make you feel better overall.

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) - works as a chaperone molecule carrying the HOCL and essential oils into the body. HOCL (Anhydrous Chloride), is a substance our immune system secretes to disarm invaders, research shows it inactivates prionic activity, disarms, and eliminates biofilms.

US Patent Pending

Suggested Use: 2 sprays per nostril 2x per day

Remove black cap (used for traveling with spray and for shipping purposes) and replace with the provided nasal sprayer. Do not use any other nasal sprayer as this is medical grade to be used specifically with these ingredients.

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), HOCL (Anhydrous Chloride), Frankincense

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Pennachio
Clear Mind

I believe it helps my nasal passages and sinuses drain.

This is wonderful to hear!