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Chromium, with Beet

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60 Veg Caps

New Chromium with High Active Red Beet Root

New Chromium with High Active Red Beet Root is nine times stronger, containing 50mcg of elemental trivalent chromium (the whole molecule is 500mcg). The ligand on each of the new trivalent chromium is a molecule of nicotinic acid – Niacin.

Chromium is well-represented in the scientific literature with findings on cardiovascular health, including blood sugar metabolism and weight loss support (Hua et al., 2012; Wright & Hunter, 2014; Kim, 2018; Nair, 2019).

High Active beetroot offers a standardized 10,000ppm plant nitrate, which the body converts to nitric oxides (McDonagh et al., 2018). Beets promote nitric oxide bioavailability, which is shown in research to relax blood vessel muscles and open up circulation. Beets are reputed to be heart healthy, enhancing phase II liver enzyme (our body detoxification pathway), weight loss, and energizing the body with more oxygen (Hobbs et al., 2012; Beals et al., 2017; Krajka-Kuźniak et al., 2013; Clifford et al., 2015).


One Vegetarian Capsule Contains:
Trivalent Chromium 500mcg nucleotides from Brewer's yeast as ligands.
Red Beet Root Powder 250mg organic, freeze-dried.
Other Ingredients: Cellulose & Water (capsule shell).


Pre-diabetic & diabetic support: Take 1 capsule twice a day to help improve blood sugar management. Chromium partners up with insulin to open up the cell door to receive glucose. Hence, chromium helps overcome insulin resistance. It is an essential mineral for energy and circulation.*

Energy & sports: Chromium is an essential trace mineral for energy and circulation, and in combination with the red beetroot’s ability to increase nitric oxide, it is a perfect supplement for exercise. Take one capsule a day. Add Energy, beta Glucan, and Be Regular for a sustained energy boost.*

Weight-Loss and heart health: Chromium is an important mineral for fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Take 1 capsule a day. Add Weight-Less, 1-2 capsules twice daily for smart weight loss.*

Our favorite: Chromium is one of Seann’s favorite products, keeping his energy up for a long morning jog, along with Energy, Fructo Borate, Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes, and No 7. His routine has been established over 12 years ago when we started the potent therapeutic foods supplement range.*

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