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My body loves this!

I have been constipating most of my life and had tried many different kinds of supplements to relieve it. I finally found this and it works like a charm. Highly recommend!

A friend’s advise

Paximune was introduced to me by a friend, and after I started using it regularly, but not daily, I can say that my start-up with Paximune coincided with my health leveling off and holding at a very stable level. I can’t point to one thing for this, but I do believe that Paximune has helped to keep my immune system healthy and working inside my body to manage my numerous issues due to diabetes. It’s easy to use, and has no ill side effects at all that I’ve noticed. I would, and have, recommended it to my friends.

Great customer service!!!

Love my product and couldn’t ask for better service

My liposomal spleen gemmo seems to know where to go like a targeted light.Am still taking it.

Flow Orb
Yolanda O.

I liken my flow orb to a stress ball. Can use it anytime in between work; time out and rest. Very convenient.

Dental support

Great combo of ingredients to support healthy gums and teeth

Lymph mover

Great way to keep the lymph moving, which is very important during heavy detox.

Improved dry brushing

I've been dry brushing for a couple years. When I heard that this was even better, I decided to give it a try.

Niacin 50 mg
Heart support

Great way to keep the vessels open and improve blood flow.

Pleo-MUC (Mucokehl) eye drops 5X
Eye relief

Provides moisture to my very dry eyes.

Well studied

This strain of probiotic has been extensively researched, so I figured I'd give it a try.

Sleep and detox support

Helps me sleep at night, and I know that it's also helping me detox.

Liver support

Curcumin has so many benefits, including helping the liver detox, which is the main reason I'm using it.

Hormone help

Helping to get my hormones regulated.

Para 2
Great Item

Great Item, you need this with para one. No issues so far. I recommend this product.

Great binder

This is such a great binder, it does its job and has not caused me any tummy upset. Highly recommend this brand.

Happy I purchased from this website. Easy checkout, fast shipping and received product as described at a phenomenal price. It is a big glass bottle and it arrived in perfect condition. This bottle will last me 3 months. I love how hydrated and balanced my body feels on Hypertonic. It is part of my morning ritual. It is part of my self-care routine. I will re-purchase from this website in the future.

Works for me!

I've been using for over a year. I feel like I sleep more deeply and dream more. Recommend.

KL Support
Kim C.
KlL support is changing my labs!

I have been taking KL support on and off for the past 6 months. I have Cushing’s syndrome and my kidney and liver take a hit. I took this supplement am and pm for 3 months consistently and my labs improved. I took 2 months off because my provider didn’t have it in stock. I had labs done while not on this supplement and they declined once again. I found Ipothecary reordered and have been taking consistently again. I can’t wait to get my next labs drawn to see improvement.


I have had lymph fluid buildup for 10 yrs. This is first thing that has worked.

Oxana B.
Allergic reaction

Transdermal Glutathione gave me an allergic reaction.

Hi Oxana.

We are very sorry to hear that you had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in Glutaryl. I’ll reach out to you off-line to see how we can possibly make your experience with Ipothecary products a better one!

Have a beautiful day- The Ipothecary Team.

Para 1
Jill G.
Para 1

I REALLY believe in this supplement and encourage anyone going thru a detox and parasite cleanse to use this product. It's easy on the stomach and I've never had any negative issues when taking this.

Movement w/questions

using the Somnium nightime GABA cream. I experienced some 'opening' of past head trauma. While using the product I also had some lymphatic massage work as well as Ozone therapy. My experience while in the hyperbaric chamber was extremely painful. I did 2 separate sessions with a L.D. massage between and incorporated infrared sauna. My ears continue to have a sound of cellophane being stretched and they are ringing. I would very much enjoy your thoughts on timing and applications that will continue moving the fascia to allow 'history trauma' to repair. Please don't recommend for me to stop because of the uncomfortableness. This is a challenge to work on NOW. Appreciate it . SK @ NaturalHealthCabin

GB Gemmo

Has not been applied yet. I began with your Lymphatic cream & tincture. I would very much appreciate a conversation on my experiences so far. thanks Natural

Seems to have promise

I gave a trial size to two people. One person is raving about how good it is. She used to only get about 4 hours of sleep and is now getting at lease 6 hours, maybe more. She still wakes but falls back to sleep quickly. My other friend also has trouble sleeping and says she feels she is getting about the same amount of sleep, but possibly is getting better quality sleep. I'm happy with these results.