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Just started using it we will see after a week or two

Life saving product

With my second tick bite 6 years ago, I developed a ledge of lymph above both knees. I used lymphflo for a period of time and it was effective then forgot about it as it turns out a tick bite 28 years earlier was also lyme, undiagnosed. I began other treatments. I decided to get rid of the last dregs of clogged lymph by once again using lymphflo, which is highly effective.
My ledgesl are nearly gone- I'm thrilled! This is an amazing product!

Easy to use and effective!

What a great but gentle support!

This helps my lymph move so much better.

Helps me fall asleep so much quicker.

Great immunity supplement!

Doesn’t work

Super disappointed that it didn’t help me with my deep sleep.

Great comprehensive prenatal. Love this brand.

Incredible cocktail of herbs and mushrooms for drainage support. Drainage is key!

This really keeps your Lymph moving. Great quality supplement.

Incredible support for removing heavy metals and environmental toxicities. Systemic binder and very effective.

Your liver will thank you for using this! It’s a staple.

Love this in addition to their Para 1 product. Great mix of herbs and extremely effective.


This is a top quality product. Very helpful for parasite cleansing.

Best Binder

This is the best systemic binder I’ve ever used. So helpful and a great beginner binder.

Definitely works. It is subtle but not overpowering. I don't really feel anything and then all of a sudden I am asleep and sleep great through the night. It is more subtle than strong. If you are having a big cortisol release or experiencing anxiety then this product won't get you to sleep but if you want to enhance your sleep then this product is perfect.

Found other GABA products that worked better for me.

I was very hopeful after hearing an online interview about this and the lymph product from this company. Neither one was particularly effective for me and they sure were expensive. Hope others have better experiences.

I'm sorry this was not helpful for you! Feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions or would like tips or instructions for use. We apologize that the product was not as effective as expected and wish you the best on finding a solution that works for you.

All the best,
The Ipothecary Team

It really works!

I was skeptical, but it works. The first time I tried it. I slept much better. The 2 nights since then, that I forgot to use it I had difficulty falling asleep. I'm hooked.

May work for others

Didn’t change anything related to my fractured sleep. 🥲 Some may have different results.

Sleep like a rock, fall asleep with ease and stay asleep longer !! LOVE IT !!

Awesome Tranquil Sleep

I loved your product so much that I immediately bought another one. It has helped calm me down before sleep and even if I do wake at night I fall back to sleep with no anxiety or worry. Highly recommend this product to any perimenopausal or menopausal women looking for a fantastic way to restore your sleep

Somnium Nighttime GABA Cream Travel Size

Great product it definitely works!

Game Changer!

I have struggled with sleep issues for years now until I found Somnium Nighttime GABA Cream! It has literally changed my life! I follow the instructions and rub some of the cream on my temples and behind my ears and I sleep the best I have in years! I have tried GABA Orally but this transdermal approach has seriously improved my sleep. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product!


After a long period of chronic health issues my anxiety and overall tension in my body was off the charts...Literal stuck in the freeze state. I have a highly sensitive system and can't tolerate numerous supplements including oral GABA. I tried meditation and heart math. The only thing that worked was Somnium. It also improved my sleep.