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Unlock Your Full Potential and Excel in Your Practice with Personalized Guidance from a Seasoned Medical Mentor.


Explore a transformative journey with Dr. Christine Schaffner's Pro Mentorship 2024. This is an exclusive 6-month professional program for health practitioners like you! We will delve into the most important topics are patients need us to understand to facilitate their recovery from chronic illness from Mast Cell to Long Haulers to Mitochondrial Recovery to Regenerating the body after its endured a chronic illness.

This mentorship goes beyond conventional protocols, offering a profound experience of peer collaboration and insights from Dr. Schaffner's treatment rooms. Gain access to educational lectures, live Q&A sessions, digital resources, and an exclusive professional community. Elevate your practice with VIP expert lectures from renowned researchers. Limited enrollment ensures a personalized experience – secure your spot now and embark on a journey to enhance your professional expertise. Learn more and reserve your seat today.

Professional Mentorship - Ipothecary
Professional Mentorship - Ipothecary

6-Month Professional Mentorship - Monthly

Reserve Your Spot
Professional Mentorship - Ipothecary
Professional Mentorship - Ipothecary

6-Month Professional Mentorship - Full Payment

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About Dr. Schaffner

In a world where people face health challenges, I navigate the complexities with a belief in the body's wisdom. My role is to listen, remove obstacles, and help the body heal itself. Each person is the hero of their journey, and I create a nurturing space for them to confidently take steps toward healing. It requires diligence and faith in our ability to heal.

Understanding our biophysical nature is crucial—embracing elements like electromagnetism, light, sound, and more. Bioresonance modalities allow us to prioritize and tune in to what our patients need, trusting the intelligence of their body. We are microcosmic expressions of the interconnected universe, where each individual holds the potential of an entire ocean within. By combining ancient wisdom with innovative strategies, we pave the way for a new paradigm of healing.I'm here to share my evolving knowledge, working together to shape the future of medicine.

 Let's embark on a journey that blends traditional wisdom with modern approaches for overall well-being.

Benefits of Mentorship

🚀 Accelerate Your Career Growth: Gain valuable insights and strategies to fast-track your career development, whether you're aiming for leadership roles, specialized practice, or research excellence.

🔍 Navigate Challenges Effectively: Overcome professional hurdles with the guidance of a seasoned mentor. Learn how to tackle complex cases, manage time efficiently, and navigate the intricacies of the healthcare landscape.

I am here to share the evolution of my knowledge today, collaboratively shaping the future of medicine. Together, we embark on a journey that combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge approaches to bring about holistic healing and well-being.

“Dr Schaffner is a gifted and generous teacher, and she takes the time to curate her vast knowledge of bioenergetics and coherence medicine to best support the practitioners in her group. I particularly appreciated her firm reliance on scientific literature to support her point, and the ease with which she is able to marry the principles of quantum physics with traditional naturopathy. Dr. Christine Schaffner’s Pro Mentorship is a must for any practitioner interested in taking their practice to the next level!”

- Lauren Lee Stone, PhD, CNS

"Dr. Schaffner’s mentorship is so thoughtfully arranged to support your journey into the quantum. She fills the gaps and adds the layers of knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. It’s perfect for functional medicine trained practitioners who desire to deepen their skillset for supporting complex and chronic cases. I highly recommend!"

- Laura Frontiero, NP

"It’s always a tremendous honor to learn, expand my knowledge, and receive highly effective clinical wisdom from Dr. Christine Schaffner. Her passion for helping not only her patients, but her dedication to educating us health practitioners sets her apart from other mentors in the field. Her wide range of knowledge and practical applications from Mitochondrial Health, Quantum Coherence, Lymphatic Support, to Fascia and so much more surpasses anyone that I have studied with. I’m forever grateful to Dr. Schaffner’s tireless contributions and her dedication to serving the world."

- Masami Covey, M.S., FNTP, C-IAYT

"I have always admired the work of Dr. Schaffner and this is my first opportunity to get a peek at the high quality of the people she works with. What a magnificent job of sharing their talents and information."

- Carolyn W.

About This Program

In a healthcare landscape saturated with pharmaceutical solutions, our mission remains crystal clear: uncover the root causes and support the body's innate ability to heal. Together, as a diverse group of health practitioners, including MDs, DOs, NDs, NPs, acupuncturists, health coaches, nutritionists, and more, we hold the key to shaping the future of medicine. I will delve into innovative and effective strategies in addressing root causes in chronic illness: from mold to today’s stealth pathogens, environmental toxicants, and trauma.

 With 14 years of experience, Dr. Schaffner has dedicated her career to exploring the elegant path for healing and for sharing what truly works. Now, extending an invitation to you, whether you're an MD, ND, DO, NP, acupuncturist, health coach, nutritionist, or part of the diverse healthcare community, let's collaborate to influence and empower those navigating the journey toward renewed health and vitality. I look forward to supporting your journey and collectively shaping the future of healthcare.

Program Highlights

This program has a 6-month duration with bonus materials and other extra content along the way! You'll also retain access to the portal so you can revisit content or chat with other experts after the mentorship is over.

Each topic will be explored through the lens of regulation, drainage, resonance, coherence, and transformation:

Module One: Navigating the Quantum Terrain: Understanding the Energetic Foundation of Health - Coming April 29th 4PM PST
Module Two: Unveiling the Sacred Heart: Exploring Vascular Inflammation and Coagulation in Today's Chronic Illness Landscape - Coming May 13th 4PM PST
Module Three: Decoding Dysautonomia: The Cervical Spine, Vagus Nerve, Interference Fields, and Regulation - Coming June 24th 4PM PST
Module Four: Illuminating Mitochondrial Dysfunction: Strategies for Recovery and Vitality - Coming July 22nd 4PM PST
Module Five: Longhauler’s Insight: A Comprehensive Update on Persistent Health Challenges - Coming August 12th 4PM PST
Module Six: Empowering Healing Through Regenerative Medicine: Supporting the Body's Innate Recovery Abilities - Coming September 16th 4PM PST

Bonus Content:
- Surprise Experts
- Access to Dr. Schaffner’s NeuroDetox
- 3 Bonus lectures on Mast Cell, Longhaulers, and bringing Bioenergetics in your practice

All of these come as a gift with purchase!

Have Questions? Reach Out to Our Team: or (206) 659-0690

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Professional Mentorship - Ipothecary
Professional Mentorship - Ipothecary

6-Month Professional Mentorship - Monthly

Reserve Your Spot
Professional Mentorship - Ipothecary
Professional Mentorship - Ipothecary

6-Month Professional Mentorship - Full Payment