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Neuro Detox Collection

Are you ready to take your brain and body to the next level of healing? If you’ve tried EVERYTHING to battle the cloud of fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and sleep issues with no luck… It’s time to transform your brain health and change your life! 

Welcome to Dr. Schaffner's Neuro Detox Supplement Collection.

Health hurdles like a clogged glymphatic system, poor sleep hygiene, toxic load and dental interference are aging us faster than ever. With Dr. Schaffner's specially curated Neuro Detox Collection, you can achieve optimal brain detoxification and look forward to improved mental clarity, more energy, and better alignment between your brain and body.

For optimal results for your neuro detox, these supplements are designed to help you experience better quality sleep, support deeper detoxicification and drainage of the brain, and promote cognitive function and optimize your brain health. Don't forget to use code NEURODETOX to save on these supplements!

Week One: SLEEP

Restful and quality sleep is the first key to a healthy brain. Every night, our brain naturally removes toxins while we sleep, but several factors can interfere with this process. Dr. Schaffner recommends the following supplements in order to build and maintain healthy sleep patterns. It is recommended to continue using these products throughout Week 2 and Week 3 of the program.

Week One: Morning Routine

NAD+ Gold

NAD+ Gold is a potent source of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), a stable precursor to NAD+, the body’s cellular energy and age management molecule. NMN is rapidly absorbed and converted into NAD+, which participates in numerous biological processes and enzymatic reactions throughout the body. Our liposomal delivery allows for rapid tissue uptake of NMN, swiftly delivering this potent age management elixir into your cells.


NAD+ Platinum

NAD+ Platinum is essential for regulating cellular energy production, mitochondrial function, and sirtuin activation. Quercetin and resveratrol are potent phytochemicals that effectively synergize with NAD+ to support optimal sirtuin activity. Quercetin also selectively neutralizes aging cells. TMG, riboflavin and vitamin B12 help maintain a healthy methylation cycle, a crucial element of cellular NAD+ production.


Week One: Evening Routine

Somnium Nighttime GABA Cream

Our nighttime cream combines GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) to regulate sleep, memory, and mood as well as 99% pure Chondroitin Sulfate for powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Our unique formula is able to effectively cross the blood-brain barrier, leading to deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.


Lymphflo Drainage Cream

Our formula is clinically-designed to open your lymphatic system, remove congestion, and create healthy detoxification to lighten your toxic load. With a proprietary blend of transdermal peptide-producing probiotics, Lymphflo also works to create more blood flow and movement within your tissues and support your immune system.


Lymph Detox Box

This kit includes Lymphflo, which is clinically designed with active ingredients that deliver a lymph-stimulating peptide directly into the system where it works for you. Liposomal Lymph Gemmo is an exceptionally powerful plant stem-cell supportive herbal formula that opens your lymph drainage and repairs your venous circulation, and the FlowVibe, a gentle yet powerful tool that’s uniquely shaped to effectively stimulate the angles of your face and neck, with a special focus on bringing more vibration to your vagus nerve. This box offers a holistic approach to address lymph stagnation and promote optimal health.


Flow Duo Set

Take the Flow Duo Set with you and experience the benefits of the powerful combination of Lymphflo and FlowVibe, together.This set features Lymphflo's proprietary blend of probiotics to stimulate your lymphatic system, and the ultimate lymph tool, FlowVibe, with biosonic vibrations to activate the entire lymphatic system, specially designed for the angles between your head, face and neck.



Using advanced bio-sonic technology, the FlowVibe supports lymphatic drainage of the neck and face along with other areas of the body. Moving lymphatic fluid requires muscle contractions (such as the contraction of the heart when it pumps). The vibration delivered creates these muscular contractions within the face/neck and head area to encourage lymphatic drainage.The vibrating waves bring benefits, from de-puffed under-eyes to releasing tension in muscles and connective tissues of the face, neck, and head, which in turn reduces stress and improves facial contouring.


Liposomal Melatonin

Sunlight, artificial indoor lighting, emotional stress, and the glow of city lights, computer, television, and phone screens, can all suppress the natural production of melatonin. By supporting deep restorative sleep, melatonin promotes the nightly repair, regeneration, and detoxification that occur when we sleep. Because as little as 15% of a melatonin dose is actually absorbed by the body when swallowed, this liposomal melatonin liquid was developed for enhanced uptake and nearly instantaneous effect.


Week Two: DETOX

The next step of progressing towards a healthy brain involves a comprehensive detoxification of both the body and mind. Dr. Schaffner suggests these specific supplements to facilitate the elimination of toxins from our system, including one of our most prevalent interference fields: the oral microbiome. It is also recommended to continue taking your supplements from Week 1.

Liposomal Lymph Gemmo

Our unique formula contains a potent blend of embryonic plant stems and botanical extracts that work together to optimize lymphatic function and promote healthy immune system activity. It opens your lymph drainage and repairs your venous circulation.


Liposomal Gallbladder Gemmo

Our unique formula contains a potent blend of botanical extracts that work together to optimize gallbladder function and promote healthy digestion. It also helps reduce inflammation, balance electrolytes, and stimulate the flow of bile from your liver.


Liposomal Spleen Gemmo

Our unique formula is designed to optimize your spleen function and promote healthy immune system activity. This potent blend of botanical extracts work together to support your spleen's ability to filter out cellular waste and damaged blood cells, while also stimulating the production of white blood cells and antibodies that may help you fight infection.


Pure PC

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) helps replenish cell membrane structure and function, support cognitive sharpness, and energize mitochondria. Pure PC can be effective for supporting cognitive function especially with memory and alertness. Pure PC is also known to support liver detox, bile movement and toxin flushing, as well as being an emulsifier necessary for fat and cholesterol metabolism.


HM-ET Binder

As part of our comprehensive protocol lineup, HM-ET Binder is the proverbial “cleanup” batter. The name is simple: “HM” comes from “heavy metals” and “ET” comes from “environmental toxins.” This product is designed to focus on chelating both heavy metals and environmental toxins from the system, while the BioActive Carbon molecules provide the biological building blocks to heal your system.



MegaSporeBiotic™ is a 100% spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic shown to maintain healthy gut barrier function. This unique all-spore formula effectively reconditions the gut by promoting microbial diversity and maintaining key health-promoting, commensal gut bacteria. MegaSporeBiotic™ boasts a 5-year shelf-life, does not require refrigeration, and maintains a healthy gut microbiome.


CockTail Tincture

BioPure’s CockTail® is a blend of several different herbal extracts which provide broad spectrum immune system support. With this reformulation we have removed Stephania tetrandra from the formula and increased the amount of Astragalus membranaceus. Astragalus strengthens immunity, and is a superior tonic for the liver, kidneys and spleen.


Melatonin Suppositories

BioPure® Suppositories offer an alternative method of ingredient delivery that bypasses digestion for fast-acting effects. Organic Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao) is a highly emollient oil that supports the skin’s resiliency. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland and the key neurotransmitter that supports the body’s circadian rhythm and sleep cycles.


Baikalin Powder

Baikalin has been shown to offer protection against free radical damage, and inflammation modulating, while also providing beneficial effects on the central nervous system, specifically on neurodegeneration, compulsive behavior, nervousness, and low mood. Additional benefits include increasing blood circulation, reducing the rate of mutation in cells, calming the nervous system, protecting chondrocytes (cells responsible for cartilage formation), and enhancing memory.


Briocare Oral Swish

An all-natural swishing solution offering superior results against oral sensitivities caused by gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding gums, and oral procedures. Actively swish between teeth and along the gum lines to safely soothe discomfort and target root causes. It can also be used as a gargle or paired with water-flossing devices. Soothe oral and throat sensitivities, target root causes and bad breath, and support healthy gums.


BioKind Essential O3 Ozonated Oil Pulling Rinse

BioKind® Essential O3 Ozonated Oil Pulling Rinse is a natural alternative for promoting oral hygiene formulated with organic ozonated oil to provide a protective barrier from the build-up of imbalanced microorganisms. It enhances Ayurvedic oil pulling practices with the power of activated oxygen. This powerful ozonated rinse helps detoxify and cleanse the mouth, gums, teeth, and upper throat. Helps soothe teeth and gum irritations and may help prevent plaque formation.


BioKind Essential O3 Ozonated Tooth and Gum Paste

BioKind® Essential O3 Ozonated Tooth & Gum Paste is formulated with Organic Olive and Hemp Oils and Activated Ozone (O3). This rich, soothing salve supports tooth and gum wellness and provides a natural solution for dental issues. Flavored with Natural Cherry and Stevia.


Revitin Natural Toothpaste

This prebiotic toothpaste supports the mineralization of teeth and bones with optimal absorption. Vitamins D & K promote bone growth, strengthen the immune system, and reduce gum inflammation. Vitamin C has demonstrated strong defense against bacteria associated with dental decay and gingivitis. Vitamin E promotes a natural mouth ecology. Cranberry Seed oil and supplemented CoQ10 support inflamed gums and a healthy oral microbiome.


Week Three: OPTIMIZE

The final step towards nurturing a healthy brain is optimization. Dr. Schaffner recommends the following supplements aimed at unlocking our brain's full potential, while improving cognitive function such as focus, memory, and performance. During Week 3, continue taking your supplements from Week 1 and 2.

Clear Mind Nasal Spray


PSC Crab Apple

PSC Eyebright

For overall health and immune support, this nasal spray helps get reduce brain fog, increase your energy, clear your throat, and can help improve your mood overall. Clear Mind contains HOCl (Anhydrous Chloride), a substance our immune system secretes to disarm invaders as it inactivates infectious protein replication and eliminates biofilms.

This formula supports microbiome diversity and a strong gut lining, and can be especially helpful after restrictive diets or to increase FODMAP tolerance. Tributyrin-X is adaptogenic by slowing down loose bowl movements and supporting stuck ones. It can also soothe histamine reactions and skin eruptions.

A dietary supplement which reduces inflammation and supports reduction in hot flushes, migraines of vascular origin. Stimulates the brain through circulation and oxygenation and also supports cholesterol and triglyceride reduction efforts. Crab Apple detoxifies the blood and lymph, prevents neurodegeneration, and helps asthenia.

PSC Eyebright strengthens the eyes and promotes elasticity of the optic nerves and the mucous linings of the eyes.





PSC St. John's Wort

PSC Rosemary

PSC Maidenhair Tree

PSC Periwinkle

This formula assists with nerve regeneration and depression. It acts as a heavy metal chelator and supports neuropathic (nerve) pain for neuralgias, neuropathy, sciatica, and nerve injuries. It is especially helpful for pain that radiates or shoots from the injury. It can also help prevent stress-induced memory disorders.

Rosemary is a liver and gallbladder drainer that also supports chronic allergy conditions. This formula supports the liver and inflammation as well as being a tonic for the adrenals and gallbladder, supporting the digestive system (lipids). It is hepatoprotective and assists with general metabolism. It reduces low density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglycerides and supports memory and concentration. Particularly supports patients of Crohn’s Disease.

PSC Maidenhair Tree supports cognitive function, memory, and dyslexia. It has a protective effect on nerve cells and can act as a mood elevator. This formula supports brain oxygenation by increasing cerebral blood flow.

Due to its cerebrovascular organotropism, Periwinkle supports cerebral metabolism, circulation, electrical activity, and oxygenation. It exerts a hypotensive effect by lowering the peripheral vascular resistance, with a better cerebral irrigation and without a decrease of the cardiac frequency nor the blood flow.





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