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Discover a New Process for Botanical Medicine that Creates One of the Most Potent Forms Of Drainage Support Ever Available.


Liposomal Lymph Gemmo

(Gemmotherapy = plant stem cells )

The Beauty & Power of Gemmotherapy In One Exciting New Liposomal Formula

Lymph Gemmo is created from the cleanest Italian-grown herbs, including only the most vibrant energetic, growth-factor-rich shoots, buds and new roots, which are then macerated in a time honored extraction recipe including the reintroduction of mineral-rich ash from the burned plant parts.

It’s a beautiful process that honors the plant’s vigor, the seasonal rhythms of nature, and our nature as human beings.

This liposomal formula bypasses absorption in the gut, where there are usually many roadblocks due to modern terrain issues like inflammation and leaky gut.

Note: This is a limited-run product.

We hope you will try Lymph Gemmo before it’s gone, and experience the profoundly healing drainage support of this meticulously created gemmotherapy.

What is Gemmotherapy?

This is a form of botanical medicine that is one of the most potent forms of drainage support available.

(You may have heard it called blast therapy or embryo phytotherapy.)

These botanicals require a very special process and materials to make a truly effective gemmotherapy.

We choose the most freshly harvested, organic herbs and make sure these special plants are grown biodynamically, with the rhythms and seasons of nature carefully considered.

We only harvest in spring, when the burgeoning life force is at its highest and the fresh potent growth energy of the plants is at its peak.

We collect only the embryonic plant parts, like the buds, shoots, and new roots, which contain the strongest active life-essence and numerous growth factors inherent in young plants.

And we go ONE step further. We do the utmost to provide the most healing ingredients on a physical level, and also nurture the plant’s creation on energetic, emotional and spiritual levels.

Intention makes a difference in medicine.

If you’re open and in tune, these plant harmonies synthesize energetically to support your physical healing even more.

What’s in it - and why do YOU need it?

Your lymph system is intricately connected to our venous circulation, so if you’ve been struggling with varicose veins and other signs of a sluggish venous system, please read carefully about how the specific ingredients in Lymph Gemmo will support you:

Sweet Chestnut

Sweet Chestnut relieves stagnant lymph & supports venous blood flow

• All about supporting the lymphatic system
• Especially the lower torso and the lungs
• Vascular circulation and vein health
• Lymph and vascular system very connected
• Helps with general detoxification
• Relieves venous and lymphatic congestions
• Anti-inflammatory
• Reduces lymphatic stagnation and varicose veins

Service Tree

Service Tree is the harmonizer of the lymphatic circulation and blood

• Promotes fluidity of blood and protects veins
• Reduces congestive states
• Detoxifies the venous blood system
• Major regulator of the venous circulation system
• Helps to support the ears as well

Black Currant

Black Currant helps our adaptive response to stress

• Adrenal support
• Allergy relief
• Inflammation reduction
• Detoxification
• Supports corticosteroid production
• Boosts metabolism
• Optimize and support adrenal glands
• Normalize inflammatory response

White Birch

White Birch helps to stimulate liver drainage

• Lymphatic congestion typically increases acidity, which leads to chronic inflammation and pain

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree helps to alkalinize acids

• Makes the blood more fluid
• Regulates coagulation

From the Desk of 

Dr. Christine Schaffner:

Personally experiencing the healing power of gemmotherapy also inspired me to courageously pursue naturopathic medicine, even though I come from a family of more conventional medical providers.

I’m grateful I did, because today I can share the most elegant formula I’ve created for you:

Lymph Gemmo is an exceptionally powerful plant stem-cell supportive herbal formula that opens your lymph drainage and repairs your venous circulation.

But... there’s MORE!

In my practice we use a lot of liposomal formulas, because this is a time in history where our modern human terrain needs more help than ever before.

It has been my dream to create liposomal gemmotherapies to help my patients heal faster!

So I put the gemmotherapy remedy I was developing into a phosphatidylcholine mixture - making it liposomal - to help deliver the healing herbal ingredients directly into the lymphatics.

Because these powerful herbals are combined with the fatty phosphatidylcholine, the concentrated embryonic and growth-factor herbal ingredients are delivered directly into the cells by passing right through the fat-soluble cell membrane.

Liposomal Lymph Gemmo will easily slip into your body’s most fatty tissues like nerve cells, neurons and your brain - this is often where you need herbal support the most.

This is not an ordinary herbal medicine!

I developed this drainage remedy to balance your venous circulation, improve your stress-adaptive adrenal response and open up your lymphatic drainage and detox - naturally.

Lymph Gemmo does all of this and more!

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