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Sleep Isn't Effective Unless It’s
THIS Kind Of Sleep...

Sleep is meant to be rejuvenating… right?

So why do you wake up feeling drowsy every morning?

Or having to take ‘power’ naps by midday?

It’s because you have Deep
Sleep Deficiency.

Deep sleep deficiency is not just a lack of sleep… but a lack of deep, restorative sleep.


See, sleep is important… but deep sleep is even MORE important.

You could sleep a perfect 8 hours a night…

But if you're Deep Sleep Deficient, you’ll wake up feeling tired and drowsy no matter how long you slept for.

If you’re savvy about your sleep, you’ll know that there’s
two stages of deep sleep:


(rapid eye movement)


(non-rapid eye movement)

REM sleep is when your mind heals itself.

During REM sleep, emotions, motivations and memories (past and present) are all played out on the big screens inside your head.

Your brain processes information like unaddressed trauma, things you saw/heard during the day, and you might even get creative inspiration during REM sleep.

Think of REM sleep as overnight therapy - it’s essential for problem solving and emotional health.

A study on rats found that lack of REM sleep shortened their lifespans.

NREM sleep is when your body heals itself.

If REM sleep heals your mind, NREM sleep heals your body.

During deep NREM sleep your body strengthens it’s memory of previously encountered pathogens and microbes that cause disease - strengthening your immune system.

Your heart rate slows down, allowing your muscles to fully relax and rejuvenate.

This deep sleep stage is where rejuvenation occurs and is what allows you to wake up feeling energised.


During deep NREM sleep, muscle and tissue repair occur, growth and development are stimulated, immune function is boosted, and energy for the following day is built up.

Lack of deep NREM sleep leaves you more susceptible to viruses, diseases, and muscle soreness.

Chances are, you’re not getting enough deep sleep every night.

Because 30% of working Americans get less than 6 hours of sleep a night. (12)

Which can have major implications on your overall health.

deep sleep
Deep sleep deficiency
  • Can take years off of your life (2)
  • Makes you gain weight (2)
  • Has been linked to forgetfulness (2)
  • Can make you age faster (2)
  • Increases your risk of getting sick (2)

So if you ever find yourself lying in bed, struggling to catch a wink of sleep before your alarm rings…

Or waking up drowsy and irritable, like you didn’t rest one bit the night before…

Then you’ve come to the right place…

Because the 30 second bedtime ritual on this page has helped many people like yourself fall into deep, rejuvenating sleep every night.

But first, you need to understand...

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Why You’re Deep Sleep Deficient

It’s all to do with a chemical called noradrenaline.

It produces the ‘fight or flight’ response in your body.

Without getting too technical, noradrenaline makes you feel more awake.

Having too much of it reduces your quality of REM sleep, and can even lead to insomnia. (16)

The thing is, everyday items like electronics, cosmetics and kitchen appliances all cause your noradrenaline levels to rise.

Things like cosmetics, deodorants, some plastics, batteries, and kitchen appliances all have heavy metals in them.

Heavy metals are associated with higher levels of noradrenaline. (18)

Other causes of too much noradrenaline are:





heavy metals









All of these things are responsible for deep sleep deficiency.

And it’s very likely that you come in contact with most if not ALL of these stressors on a daily basis.

That’s why world-renowned Dr. Christine Schaffner and her team put together a holistic blend that led to…

The 30 Second Bedtime Ritual That Gives You Deep, Restorative Sleep Night After Night

By using the cream on this page for just 30 seconds a night, you can experience:

  • Vivid dreams
  • Deeper, rejuvenating sleep
  • And energetic mornings

Simply massage a pea sized amount into your temples and the back of your ears before you go to bed.

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The ingredients in this cream work together to reduce your norepinephrine levels and relax your body.

Transdermal Liposomal GABA

GABA is Gamma-Aminobutyric acid.

GABA is responsible for regulating your memory and mood, but most importantly…

It regulates your sleep.

Transdermal Liposomal GABA

It moves your brain and body into lower gear, allowing you to unwind and relax for a rejuvenating, deep sleep.

Most people with sleep problems don’t have enough GABA in their brains. (4)

Now, there are many GABA supplements on the market…

But there’s just one problem.

Oral GABA isn’t effective. (7)

That’s because GABA in pill form has to jump over a lot of hurdles to actually work - namely, your digestive tract.

GABA in pill form simply doesn’t cross your blood-brain barrier.

But when you combine GABA with Chondroitin Sulfate… something amazing happens.

Bioactive Fermented Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin Sulfate is a type of sugar that people use for joint pain. It’s known for having powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and being able to cross the blood brain barrier.

It usually comes from animal cartilage.

ioactive Fermented Chondroitin Sulfate

But the problem with animal derived Chondroitin Sulfate is that it’s only 90% pure…

And manufacturers allow heavy metal contamination up to 10%.

So Dr. Christine Schaffner and her team put together a never seen before type of Chondroitin Sulfate that’s made from microbial fermentation - NO animals needed.

The patented procedure leads to Chondroitin Sulfate that is 99% pure.

Now individually, GABA and Chondroitin Sulfate have their respective health benefits…

But when you combine these
2 compounds, something
AMAZING happens...


You might’ve heard the phrase, ‘your skin is the antenna of your body’. (27)

It’s a fancy way of saying that your skin absorbs everything.

Now, Dr. Christine Schaffner could’ve put together a run-of-the-mill nighttime blend in pill-form.

But she knew that GABA in pill form doesn’t work.

She also knew that the best way to bypass the blood brain barrier is through your skin.

So Dr. Christine Schaffner and her team combined a potent dose of GABA with 99% pure Chondroitin Sulfate…

Because when you combine the 2 compounds…

The absorption happens faster than with any other GABA cream on the market…

And since Chondroitin Sulfate is known to pass the blood brain barrier...

It’s as if the GABA has hopped on a super-highway straight to your brain.


The potent combination of GABA and Microbial Fermented Chondroitin Sulfate led to the development of a topical liposomal named...

Somnium Nighttime Cream

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"I was waiting to share until I had more than one great night’s sleep after using Somnium Nighttime Gaba Cream. I now have had several nights of deep sleep and the only thing I changed was the sleep cream. It had been years since I slept straight through 7 - 8 hours.I feel SO rested when I get up. Wow!!"

- Candace L., 60


“It works! I LOVE gaba and am familiar with how it feels. It's especially nice to be able to get it in cream form. I've been sleeping much more deeply.”

- Jaya


“I don’t know how it works but I started sleeping really good, falling asleep a lot faster, and having cool dreams too.”

- Jaxson H., 15

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