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ZeoBind Powder

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BioPure ZeoBind® supports the body’s detoxification functions. BioPure ZeoBind® is made from a naturally occurring mineral known as clinoptilolite, which is a particular type of crystalline aluminosilicate in a family of compounds known as zeolites. Clinoptilolite is formed when volcanic molten lava comes in contact with seawater.

The result is a 3-dimensional honeycomb-like molecular structure with a negative charge that is unique among minerals in nature. Positively charged substances are attracted to clinoptilolite’s negative charge. An ion-exchange is readily performed and the substances can essentially become captive within the porous, sieve-like architecture of BioPure ZeoBind®.

1/2 teaspoon once daily, 30 minutes before your main meal or as recommended by your licensed healthcare provider. Scoops are no longer included.

ZeoBind® can be easily dissolved with water, juice or milk. Drink quickly. Can be mixed with food if desired.

Zeolite (Clinoptilolite and Mordenite)

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