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Flow Vibe Lumvi Collection

Looking for an even more effective way to move your lymph and experience the benefits of our Lympha-Gem Body Oil? Consider pairing it with the FlowVibe Lymph Vibrator!

This powerful lymphatic massager uses biosonic vibrations to help stimulate lymph flow and promote healthy circulation throughout your body. 

When used in combination with our Lympha-Gem Body Oil, the FlowVibe Lymph Vibrator can help to further enhance the detoxifying and skin-revitalizing effects of our oil, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized!

Here is a step by step process! 

  • Simply apply the LymphaGem Body Oil to your skin 
  • Then use the FlowVibe Lymph Vibrator to gently massage the areas where you want to promote lymphatic flow. 

The powerful combination of biosonic vibration therapy and lymph-stimulating herbs in the oil will work together to help move stagnant lymph and toxins out of your body, while leaving your skin looking and feeling radiant.

FlowVibe - Ipothecary
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