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60 capsules
Pyloricil includes ingredients such as mastic gum, bismuth citrate and zinc carnosine to promote microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract and the stomach.*

  • Promotes Healthy Microbial Balance in the GI Tract*
  • Helps Maintain Gastrointestinal Comfort*
  • Soothes the Stomach and GI Tract* Maintaining healthy microbial balance and a strong immune system is integral to optimal GI health, as well as overall health. In addition, since the body’s immune system is a complex and dynamic defense system, healthy microbial balance helps ensure optimal immune function.

    Pyloricil is formulated to support the health of the stomach lining and GI tract with unique ingredients that promote microbial balance.*
  • Suggested Use: 1 capsule two times per day or as recommended by your health care professional.
    Zinc (as Carnosine), Mastic Gum Extract, Berberine Sulfate Hydrate, Bismuth Citrate USP, Zinc Carnosine. Other Ingredients: Natural Vegetable Capsules.

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